Sunday, January 11, 2009


"You never said a word,
You never said a single thing
To reveal your heart’s no longer mine.
And yet without a word
In everything little thing you do
Something’s changed that I can not define.

"Of course you’ll say that that’s absurd,
Insist you haven’t changed towards me,
Though you know you’re not the man you were.
And if I take you at your word,
Ignore what you refuse to see
In the end we know what will occur

"You’ll never say a word,
You’ll never say a single thing
About the bitter truth we never faced.
But still you’re sure to know
As surely as I know it bow
In your heart my love has been replaced.

"So not another word;
Let me save those years for you.
Not another word;
I’ll always love the man I knew,
And if you feel pain, for goodness sake,
Mind your heart, Dear; please don’t let it break.
For one day you may need it,
Though you may not think so now;
I pray one day you’ll heed it
And that it will teach you how
Love is more than words.
We both need more than words.

"I hope you’re happy in the life you’ve chosen it."

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