Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The "God Bless Us Everyone" Finale

"Sometimes it’s tempting to think about your life
As nothing but a tale of woe.
Yes, you’ve had heartache, anger, pain and strife,
But if you’re strong despite the wrongs
You’ll be a victor, don’t you know?

"Hark! All you angels!
Lift your voices sing!
Come, all you shepherds!
Greet the newborn king!
Rejoice, you wise men!
Light and life he brings!
God bless us everyone!

"God, save your children
From sorrow, death and fear!
Come! Heal the nations!
Wipe away all tears!
Bring peace on earth
To last a thousand years!
God bless us everyone!
Redeems us!
God bless us everyone!"

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