Wednesday, January 7, 2009


"Old Man Devil don’t like Christmas;
It’s his least favorite time of year.
All that talk of “peace on earth,”
Leaves him feelin’ blue I fear. Usually he spends ChristmasDepressed and all alone,
But this year he’s
Feelin’ cheery
‘Cause one of his own
Is comin’ home.

"Satan’s havin’ company this Christmas--
A dear friend you all know!
It’s sad he passed away
On such a cold day
But I hear it’s warmer where he’s sure to go!

"Satan’s makin’ merry this Christmas!
Hades flames will leap a little higher!
Hell is gonna be a mite warmer this year
‘Cause soon there’ll be more fuel for the fire!

"Satan won’t care if the angels are rejoicing’
Singin’ of peace and good will.
With folks like my late friend
He has hope that end in the end
He’ll beat the Hosts of Heaven still!

"Satan’s gonna celebrate this Christmas!
Hell’s bells ring out a merry tune!
All the demons down below
Laugh a jolly “Ho-ho-ho!”
‘Cause company is comin’ soon!

"Satan’s havin’ company this Christmas!
Someone he can’t help but love:
A man after his heart,
A miserable old fart
Who thumbed his nose at heaven above!

"Satan might be happy this Christmas,
But I fear that soon he gonna grieve,
With company like our friend
I predict that in the end
He’ll be miserable by New Year’s Eve!

"The devil once went down to Georgia
To peek in on his favorite child:
A cranky old jack-ass
Whose time has finally passed,
So Satan just can’t help but smile—

"Because his boy is comin’ down this Christmas!
Satan now sings a different tune!
The unholy trinity
Join in three part harmony
‘Cause company is comin’—
Hades in a-hummin’—
Company is comin’ soon!"

(Lyrics copyright 2003 by Rob. Lauer. All rights reserved.)

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