Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dickens--with a twist!

“Beautiful--there is no other word for it! Moving and deeply felt!" The Albany Herald

"As Clarence Jordan's 'Cotton Patch Gospel' is to the New Testament original, so Rob Lauer's musical is to the original Dickens story…It is also good fun, a hoot that warms the heart..” The Macon Telegraph.

These are examples of the praises that critics lavished upon "A Southern Christmas Carol" when it made its world premiere in December 2003.

The show takes Dickens’ classic story of Scrooge and sets it in rural Georgia in 1933, during the heights of the Depression, when Jim Crow laws were still in effect. Despite these changes in location and time period, "A Southern Christmas Carol" is truer to Charles Dickens’ original novel than most traditional dramatizations of the story. As in the original novel there is plenty of humor--ranging from good natured ribbing to dark, biting social satire. And while there are scenes of deep emotion, there is none of the cloying sentimentality that is found in most adaptations of this classic tale. A show that's perfect for the entire family, this version Dickens’ story is one that will have added appeal to adults; the story’s familiar characters are brought to life as utterly believable, real and complex human beings. The musical score includes gospel, blues and country stylings--along with traditional carols."A Southern Christmas Carol" is the holiday show for any venue--from professional regional theatres to high schools and churches.

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